• How to Present Yourself As A Brand

    Branding is something people associate with a company or its product. In-fact it is one of those important factor upon which the eventual success of a company is depended. It is nothing but the culmination of a company's identity which is wrapped and presented in a way that is gratifying and enchanting.
    However companies aren't the only one in the need for strong marking. Being an individual, the art of presenting yourself as a unique brand is equally important. Presenting yourself as a brand requires a unique image, a commanding voice and a recognizable standard that makes you stand out of the crowd and guarantees your competitive stay.

    1. Find out who you are.

    Before presenting yourself to the crowd, first present yourself to you. Find out who you really are and have a clear projection of your own personality. Note down the key points that differentiates you from the rest. Look inside you and dig out what is it that you are really good at, your expertise, your capabilities, etc.

    2. Find out what you want to be known for.

    While presenting our personality, we often ends up in presenting what we are not. The reason being the blur idea of who we want be known for. The actions you perform, the decisions you take, the values you perceive is what makes people think about you and draw a perception of your personality. Find out what do you wish for the people to associate you when someone says your name? Ask yourself whether you want to be perceived in a specific matter or you want to link your general qualities to your brand?

    3. Start thinking yourself as a brand.

    Once you are done with the self-analysis part, the next stage is to think yourself as a brand. Have that self-confidence within you and tell yourself you are unique. Never miss any opportunity to express your idea or thoughts whenever you are in a class, group, meeting, etc.

    4. Build your presence online.

    Forget the time when you use to post and share the unnecessary stuff on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social account. Make your posts related and meaningful, theme your online identity in one or more categories. Ensure your posts are in line with your personal branding standards. Create a proper Linkedin account and try to make it look professional, connect with people having the same interest or related to your field. Also view the questions asked by people on Quora or other websites and if possible, do provide a solution for the same.

    5. Stay Updated. 

    Values isn't just a business buzzword, rather it is the productivity of your own that you can offer to others. Value is created by sharing what you have. Make sure you stay updated with all the current events, what's going on in the market, what is the demand. whenever you come up with something, start questioning "why?". Do emphasize in finding out the hidden reasons of a particular situation 'cz the way things look, aren't the same in real.

    6. Build Network.

    Let's face the fact that the personality of a person is measured by the number of followers he have on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. However this isn't a bad thing unless we do keep in touch with as more people as we can. Building a strong network would act as supporting pillars throughout your career. Do maintain professional relationships with the people in your contact and also keep in touch with them as you never know what opportunities waiting on your doorstep.


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