• Simple life hacks that will make your life easier

    How to remove dirt from my keyboard? Where to find the keys? How to put my earphone and cables from twisting? and a lot more...I guess these are the issues we have to face like almost every time. So how can we fix this? Well here are some of the few tricks that have all your answers. All you need to do is some creativity.

    Here are some simple life hacks that will make your life easier :

    1) Removing dirt from keyboard without any device?

        Use a sticky note to clean your keyboard

    1.) Use a Post-It note to clean your keyboard.

    2)How to find the end of a tape roll?

    Use a paper clip to find the end of a tape roll.

    3.) Use paper clips to find the end of a roll of tape.

    3) How to find where you put your keys and other valuables?

        Use a tennis ball and cut open it. It will hold almost anything.

    6.) Cut open a tennis ball. It will now hold almost anything.

    4) How to organize your cables and earphones?

        Use toilet paper tubes to organize your cables and earphones.This will also keep them safe from twisting.

    7.) Use paper towel and toilet paper tubes to organize cables.

    5) How to tie a tie?

    Now its very simple, just follow the below steps

    14.) Here's how to tie a tie.

    6) How to cut the cake slices or other soft items perfectly?

    Use a dental floss to cut cakes slices perfectly

    22.) Dental floss can cut cakes, cheeses and other soft items.

    7) How to cool down your heated laptop?

    Use empty egg cartons as your laptop's cooling pad

    23.) Empty paper egg cartons can help cool down your laptop.

    8) How to prevent charger wires from breaking?

    Use a pen spring and protect your charger from breaking

    Prevent your charger wires from bending and breaking.

    9) How to remove stinky smell from your shoes?

    Place a tea bag inside and shoes wont stink anymore

    10) How to make your shoes waterproof?

    Apply wax on the surface and blow a hairdryer to make your shoes waterproof


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